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Fall Clubs Registration
Registration for our Fall 2019 Clubs will open on Wednesday, July 24 at 7AM! Dates, times, and fees are now available to view.
Spring Adult Workshops
Learn how to identify spring wildflowers, expand your teaching skills through a nature workshop for educators, and much more!
Family Nature Walks
Guided walks this Summer are happening on Tuesdays. Click here for the full calendar of walks!
Birthday Parties
Our nature-themed birthday parties at our cottage location are hands-on & environmentally friendly. Click here for more details.

Upcoming Events

Regular $45 Seniors: $33
6:00 PM
Identifying wildflowers can be challenging. But fear not! In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to use Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide, the most highly regarded wildflower field guide for our region. This guide employs a unique system that takes a bit of effort to learn, but once mastered it is a pleasure to use. The majority of our time will be spent outdoors, providing you with ample opportunity to develop your wildflower ID’ing skills. Your instructor will be Richard Aaron, a popular naturalist and educator who has done many programs for the Nature Centre over the years. In this workshop, you will: learn how to use Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide (provided for use)identify a diverse assortment of wildflowers using your newfound skillsuse a 10-power hand magnifier (provided for use) to view plant features up close, learn useful identification termsdiscuss the merits of other wildflower field guides for our regionreceive a list of helpful hints and tips for troubleshooting difficult identifications. Please come to this workshop wearing comfortable close-toed footwear. The hike will be easy/moderate in difficulty (paved or hard-packed trails with some incline). Instructor Bio: Richard Aaron is interested in many facets of the natural world, with a particular fondness for plants, fungi, insects, and biomimicry. Over the years, he has done walks, workshops and lectures for over 90 organizations, ranging from naturalist clubs to universities, including a stint as a summer staff naturalist at Algonquin Provincial Park. He has written articles for several leading nature magazines, and also co-founded two citizen science projects: one a multi-year survey of dragonflies & damselflies in Rouge National Urban Park, the other an ongoing study of moths in High Park. Richard places a premium on experiential learning whether it’s examining a flower through a hand lens, netting an insect (for later release), or making a mushroom spore print. He strongly encourages intellectual curiosity, while acknowledging that sometimes the best questions are those that lack clear-cut answers.Richard has been conducting adult workshops for the High Park Nature Centre since 2012. His website is at Information about other workshops can be found here.

Suggested donation: $2-5
8:15 PM
High Park is lucky enough to be home to many incredible moths! As most moths are nocturnal, this special edition Family Nature Walk will take place in the evening to maximize moth-viewing opportunities. Members of the Toronto Entomological Association will also be on hand to share their knowledge. Join us to find out more about these special creatures and help us find as many varieties as we can! This Family Nature Walk is in partnership with Toronto Entomological Association. This event is great for all ages – bring the whole family! No pre-registration necessary, this is a drop-in event. Suggested donation of $2-$5 per person. Meet at: Square of benches just south of the Grenadier Restaurant

$2 -$5 Suggested Donation
7:00 PM
Join us this summer to learn all about Toronto's native, wild bee populations in this year's Speaker Series, Wild Bee Buzz Talks! Over the course of four lectures by local bee experts, we will explore everything from High Park's bee phenology, to urban bee survival skills, and the ways we can protect these vital insects for years to come.

6:00 PM
Nature groove returns to Toronto's biggest public park! This family-friendly, accessible dance party calls groovers of all ages and abilities together to celebrate their most unique self through mindful movement, creative play and natural education. This accessible partnership is thanks to the High Park Nature Centre and Wellness Roots Retreats. It is sponsored by Suitcase Theatre Artsand Education Outreach Inc, a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to bringing art and drama to children and their families. This dance party will be facilitated by Arts and Outdoor Educator: Alanna Balicki (aka 'Rootz') of Wellness Roots Retreats.

8:30 AM
The High Park Nature Centre is pleased to be hosting the TRCA's Monarch Teacher Network for one of their amazing workshops on teaching with Monarchs. This workshop is run and operated by the TRCA. For more information please visit their website by clicking the button below. Once you get there - to sign up you just have to click "Learn More and Register" button beside the Nature Centre event. The cost of this workshop is $100+HST. Time: 8:30am to 4:00pm Date: Saturday July 27th, 2019

Suggested Donation: $2-5
1:30 PM
Join us to learn some ways we can expand our zones of awareness and minimize our zones of disturbance as we move through nature. For wild animals who don’t know where their next meal is coming from, energy is very precious thing! When humans move and act in ways that cause animals minimal disruption we are both helping them save energy and increasing our chances of observing their baseline behaviour…or how animals act when they think no one is watching! We’ll practice sneaking like a fox and paying attention like an owl, slowing down to experience a sit spot and writing or drawing a nature journal entry.

$2 - $5 Suggested Donation
8:30 PM
Let's explore High Park's amazing and mysterious bat populations! Using hand-held bat detectors, we will listen for bats' ultrasonic calls in High Park, explore their habitat, behaviour, and favourite foods as they swoop and loop during their evening, mid-air forage.

$2 - $5 Suggested Donation
10:00 PM
Weather permitting! We need a clear sky to see the stars and planetsAs the sky fades into night, explore the astronomical wonders above us with the help of our telescope! Please note that this party follows our Urban Bat Walk.Supported by Kiwanis Club of Toronto.
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