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Sara Street, HBSc, EMT Dipl.
Executive Director
With 6 years’ experience as Executive Director with the Wye Marsh, Sara is eager to continue connecting people with nature.
Jon Hayes, BA, BEd
Programs Director
Jon grew up in Newmarket, Ontario and started teaching at the Nature Centre in 2006. Jon has a fondness for moths, trees, flowering plants and potato chips.
James LeClair, HBA
Office Administrator
James enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, and cooking. He is excited to be involved with sharing one of his favorite places with others.
Milena Tankosic, BSc
Office Administrator
Milena studied Biology & as a former teacher understands the importance of preserving nature & nurturing that awareness in the younger generations. She loves the outdoors, DIY projects & cooking.
Mallory Parks, MFC
Camp Programs Supervisor
Mallory is a cyclist, nature-lover, and global trekker.
Katrina Maurer, BEd, HBA
School Programs Supervisor
Kat enjoys experiencing the natural world through crafts and play.
Kami Valkova, BASc, MEd
Nature Clubs Coordinator
When she's not sharing her enthusiasm for nature with Nature Centre visitors, you can find Kami rock climbing, hiking, painting, or burying her nose in a good book!
Jenny Davis, BSc
Events and Volunteer Coordinator
Jenny loves adventure of all kinds. Whether she is on an extended canoe trip or setting out for the day with her kids, she's at her best when she let's things unfold naturally.
Emily Beaton, HBSc, MA
Adult Programs Coordinator
Emily studied Biology and the History of Science. Emily loves sharing her passion for conservation, practicing yoga, walking her dog and writing.
Haya Aldoori, BSc Env., EVC GradCert.
Communications Coordinator
Haya is an environmental scientist, birdwatcher, and photographer. She loves spending time outdoors and is always looking for ways to inspire and encourage others to connect with natural spaces.
Jessie Cowe, BA, MES
Community Programs Coordinator
Jessie is a naturalist, gardener and systems thinker. She is particularly passionate about using gardens, food, and critical perspectives as means for widening the scope of environmental education.
Sam Charal, HBOr, BEd
Indigenous Programs Coordinator
Having grown up in the rockies, Sam can be found scaling rock faces, ice walls or cliffsides before returning with a wealth of stories to be shared with his students in any outdoor classroom.
Antoine Boyer, MASc, BSEE
Nature Interpreter
Antoine is a recent graduate from Dalhousie University where he studied environmental engineering.
Helen Plesko, HBSc, BEd
Nature Interpreter
With degrees in Geography and Education, Helen is passionate about environmental education, is a seeker of adventure, and is a lover of all outdoor activities.
Julia Miller, HBA
Nature Interpreter
Julia studied, and very much loves, Environmental Studies and History. She has hiked and camped all over Canada and the USA, but also enjoys the nerdy research side of nature.
Laura Curran
Nature Interpreter
Laura studies Environmental Science and Forest Conservation at UofT. She loves cycling, swimming, hiking, and cross-country skiing in her free time.
Magali Meagher, BA, MES, ESEd Dipl.
Nature Interpreter
As an artist and musician Magali has led imaginative projects that bring diverse people together with their environments.
Matthew Kinasz
Nature Interpreter
Matt is a fan of hiking, kayaking, and camping and loves going on new adventures.
Maya Adachi-Amitay
Nature Interpreter
Maya is currently an Environmental Studies student. She loves exploring in nature and her tattoos are inspired by her favourite animals and plants.
Tina Soldovieri, MEdEE
Nature Interpreter
Tina is a passionate environmental educator. She believes in the need to deeply appreciate the other species that surround us. She loves to hike, garden, camp and share the joy of being in High Park.
Board Members
Kara Lysne-Paris
President & Board Chair
Passionate about the benefits of nature for children and adults; Kara is proud to work with the staff at the Nature Centre.
John Jazwinski
John is an avid outdoorsman. He is a strong believer in the importance of building a deep connection with nature through lifelong learning.
Spencer Sandor
Spencer is a passionate volunteer who believes in the importance of staying connected with nature. He loves to spend time outdoors hiking or gardening.
Michelle Hounslow, CFRE
Vice-Chair & Director of Fundraising
Michelle lives on the west side of Toronto near High Park, is an avid nature lover, urban vegetable gardener and locavore.
Robin Sorys
Director of Human Resources
Lifetime resident of High Park, Robin has been volunteering in High Park for over 20 years.
Natalie Harder
Director of Programs
An avid nature enthusiast, Natalie spends most of her free time camping, hiking and exploring nature with her young son.
Helen Sousa
High Park Supervisor
Helen is the current City Supervisor for High Park. Helen sits on our board as an Ex-Officio non voting member.
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