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Nature Programs in High Park

Connect with nature in High Park with our summer camp, nature clubs, event, hikes and more.

Ages: 4-16 years

Have your kids spend their summer holidays connecting with trees, birds, animals, nature and more in High Park.

Ages: 6 months – 5 years

Together, toddlers and caregivers can connect to nature in High Park through songs, hikes, and engaging active play.

Ages: 4-12 years

Naturally curious school-aged children can start developing their naturalist skills in a welcoming community in High Park.

Ages: 17+ years

Why should kids have all the fun? Connect with nature and other nature lovers at our Urban Naturalists Nature Club for adults.

Ages: 4-12 years

Get your kids to spend their day off from school going on hikes and playing in the mud all while learning to appreciate nature.

Build on your naturalist skills and connect with nature at our affordable events, hikes and workshops in High Park.