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Awesome Opossum

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Nature has a way of reminding us of that you can walk past the same spot every day and see something different each time. This was made very clear during our Winter Holiday Camp.

While one of the groups was on a winter hike near the northeast end of the park, they walked past the large tree with a huge hole at the base of it. Whenever we walk by this tree, kids always take a moment to stop and look to see what’s in the hole. Sometimes there is a growing fungus, sometimes there is a snail, and sometimes, like at Winter Holiday camp, there is an OPOSSUM!

The opossum that was found was likely dead (it’s hard to know for sure) however, it was nevertheless an exciting moment for the participants and the group leaders. These strange looking marsupials do not get spotted often since the Toronto population is not particularly large. In fact, southern Ontario is part of the opossum’s northern most range, making it a bit more of a challenge for them to live here. Often times, opossums that are this far up north will suffer from frostbite on their “naked” ears and tails. However, this frostbite issue might start to be less of a problem as their range continues to slowly expand north, likely as a result of climate change.

Keep an eye out for opossums on your next visit to High Park!