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Visiting High Park During the Cherry Blossom Season

Plan for an enjoyable and environmentally-friendly visit to High Park during cherry blossom season in Toronto.

Cherry Blossom Hotline Call 647-946-2547

As there are SO MANY visitors to High Park to see the Cherry Blossoms, it is important to be prepared. Here are our biggest tips for visiting High Park to see the blossoms.

We will have a vehicle-free blooming experience! There are thousands of visitors to High Park during our peak bloom days, and to maintain a safe experience for all, the park will be closed to vehicles during this time (day and night). Please walk, bike or take public transit, and enjoy! This will make your trip less stressful – as you won’t have to fight traffic or to find a parking spot but it will also make your trip more environmentally friendly! A win-win! The seasonal Trackless Train will also be operational during this time.

If you are coming from outside of Toronto and have to drive, you can use a commuter parking lot followed by public transit to make the final leg of your journey to High Park. Alternatively, you can visit some of the other Cherry Blossom locations in Toronto, which can be found here.

Click here to read more about the vehicle-free blooming experience.

While you cannot access the park using your vehicle, you can use the park’s seasonal Trackless Train. This 30-minute scenic ride weaves through the park, picking up other passengers along the way.

Tickets can be purchased from the train operator. A ticket allows for one stop-over, so you can take the train to your favourite spot, enjoy your stay in the park and hop back on.

The Trackless Train will be operational starting Saturday, April 20, 2024, and will last all throughout peak bloom all the way through to Labour Day. The Train runs from 10:30AM to dusk.

  • Adults (age 12 to 65 years): $7/person
  • Children (ages 11 years or younger): $5/person
  • Older Adults: (ages 66 years or older) $5/person

Visit the City of Toronto’s website for more information.

As there are so many people visiting the park it creates so much garbage. The bins can get filled right after they’ve just been emptied. Please do your part to keep the park clean and pack your garbage out with you. Or even better try to challenge yourself to go litter-less all together and use reusable containers to bring your snacks/picnic.

Every year there are a few people who spoil things for everyone else. Please do not climb on the Sakura trees, climbing the trees can cause them stress and even damage the tree. Let’s all take great photos to remember our experience and leave no signs that we’ve been there.

High Park is home to some really neat and rare plants and ecosystems. Please stay on the paths. If you venture into the natural areas, please stay on existing trails to avoid trampling sensitive vegetation and compacting the soil. The plants and animals will thank you for it!

TTC Directions

  • From High Park Subway Station, walk south to the High Park North Gates. Take West Road south to Hatchling Hill (Cherry Blossom Hill), located west of the Grenadier Restaurant.
  • From Keele Subway Station, walk west on Bloor Street to the main entrance of High Park. Take West Road south to Hatchling Hill (Cherry Blossom Hill), located west of the Grenadier Restaurant.
  • From the 506 Carlton Streetcar, get off at High Park Loop, which is the last stop of the streetcar”. Walk south on Parkside Drive until you reach the gates at Parkside Drive and High Park Blvd. Walk west to see a small grove of Sakura trees planted near the Adventure Playground / Zoo parking lot.
  • From the 501 Queen Streetcar, get off at the Colborne Lodge stop. Walk north on Colborne Lodge Drive until you reach the Grenadier Restaurant, then head west.

Learn more about getting to High Park via other means of transportation.

More on Cherry Blossoms

Learn how we monitor the blossoms, predict peak bloom, and track annual trends.

Sakura (cherry blossoms) have a long history in Toronto, and an even longer history in Japan!

Your donation will help the High Park Nature Centre keep Toronto up to date on the 2023 bloom!