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Corporate Teambuilding

Engage in meaningful teambuilding activities while learning about and contributing to nature in High Park.

Disconnect From Work and Connect With The Wild!

Are you looking for a unique, meaningful and engaging teambuilding experience for your employees? Look no further!

Our corporate teambuilding program provides great opportunities for employees to learn about, connect with and contribute to conserving nature in Toronto! Groups can participate in stewardship activities, like planting native species, removing competitive species and protecting the globally rare Black Oak Savannah ecosystem of High Park. Your team can also learn valuable new naturalist skills while building group rapport.

Check out our different nature-based program themes below. Don’t miss out on giving your employees a memorable and impactful adventure in High Park!

Sign up for a planting party and have your team get their hands dirty while also helping High Park’s native savannah ecosystem thrive!

In this program, participants will help plant native species of flora in High Park’s globally rare Black Oak Savannah ecosystems. These native plants will eventually support several of the park’s native wildlife and conserve the local ecosystem. Participants will also learn why this ecosystem is so rare and why its important to protect it, all while directly contributing towards a more sustainable future for the savannah and its many inhabitants!

Note: Savannah planting will vary according to the season, weather conditions and the availability of plants and stewardship sites. Please remember to choose a backup program theme in case we aren’t able to plant on your chosen date.

Want to give your team a real challenge? Have them get into the weeds and help us remove some highly competitive introduced species of plants in High Park.

These species (also called invasive species), largely introduced by settlers coming to Canada, can outcompete native plants for valuable resources which in turn negatively impacts the ecosystem and its wild inhabitants. By removing these plants, participants will directly engage in important park stewardship that manages the population of these introduced species of plants. Moreover, they will also learn the importance of growing more native plants in green spaces across Toronto and how it helps native wildlife thrive.

Throughout human history, fire has played an essential role in survival by not only providing warmth and light but also enabling connections through storytelling and sharing. Don’t let living in an urban city like Toronto stop you and your team from learning some fire-building skills and enjoying the warmth and cozy feeling of sitting around a campfire! 

Following a hike through High Park, participants in this hands-on program will use tinder, flint, and steel, to build a cozy campfire. They can share stories and roast a tasty snack! Through collaboration, participants will connect with each other, gain naturalist skills and learn about the past and present of High Park’s ecosystems.

Was Toronto always lakeside? Who were the residents of High Park? Why is the park on fire sometimes? And how did such a large park survive in Toronto? History has washed over this area many times, and the land today called High Park and the City of Toronto have been many things to different people.

For those who wonder how we got to where we are, and where we might go in the future, How Place Holds Time engages investigation into the roots of Toronto and High Park. Understand the history of the land we’re on, through the lenses of social, environmental, and Indigenous history. This program includes assembling key events in the area’s past, spanning thousands of years, and a guided hike to view the park and land in a new way.

This program is ideal for groups interested in the environment or history or anyone wanting a deeper understanding of Toronto’s past and present.

Please click the button below to fill out our corporate teambuilding request form and reach out to us about scheduling a group experience for your employees in High Park.

  • *3-hour Teambuilding Experience (For up to 25 people): $1,200
  • Additional Hourly Rate for Teambuilding Experience (For up to 25 people): $400

*Many programs are designed to last three hours and organizations are encouraged to participate in a three-hour program.

Note: Groups between 26 and 50 participants will cost more to accommodate for extra staffing.

Please use our booking request form to indicate your preferred days and times.

Programs start at the High Park Nature Centre located near the High Park Avenue main gates at 375 Colborne Lodge Drive (also known as the Forest School).

Note: On weekends vehicles are prohibited in High Park, so participants will need to take extra time to find parking on the outskirts of the park and walk in. Using the TTC is much easier and the High Park Nature Centre is a 5-minute walk from the subway.

Trails are generally moderate in terrain and difficulty. Please contact us to discuss accommodations that can be made in the interests of accessibility.

Please ensure you’ve read and understood our registration policies.

The High Park Nature Centre is a registered Canadian charity. Our nature education and stewardship work in High Park is possible thanks to the support and generosity of supporters like you. Consider making a donation to the Nature Centre to help us continue our work connecting more people to nature and ensure a sustainable future in High Park for generations to come.

An adult in a sky blue t-shirt helps a child in a purple jacket dig up soil with a trowel to set a green plant in High Park.
Please ensure you’ve read and understood our registration policies: