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Egg Carton Animal Mask Craft

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Materials Needed:

Egg carton


Yarn, think string, or twine

Decorating materials (paint, markers, crayons, etc.)

Optional: construction paper and glue


Cut off a section of the egg carton that contains two complete egg cups and one “spike” between them. The egg cups will be the animal’s eyes and the “spike” will be the beak or snout.

Carefully cut eye holes in the egg cups big enough that you can see through them. Make holes on the sides of the egg cups through which you can tie string. If you are using markers, crayons, or other craft materials that don’t have to dry, you can string the yarn through now. If you plan on decorating with paint or glue, don’t string the yarn through until after your mask has dried.

Now get creative and decorate your mask however you want! It could become so many different animals! A bird, a fox, or an opossum, it’s up to your imagination! Optional: add construction paper ears, antlers, or fur to make your mask extra special.

If you used paint or glue, remember to tie the strings on after your mask has dried. Make the strings are long enough to reach around your head.

Put on a play, dance around like your favorite bird, sneak around the house like a fox, or imagine what it’s like to be whatever animal you have created!