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Fluorescent Forest: Exploring High Park after Dark

Wednesday, July 12, 9 – 11 PM

Event Details

Equipped with special UV flashlights, discover a diverse assortment of organisms in High Park that fluoresce in the dark, often in ghostly or neon colours. You will likely encounter glowing plants, lichens, fungi, snails, slugs, caterpillars, and more!

This event will also be taking place on July 10.


  • $10

Equipment provided:

  • Each participant will be provided with a UV flashlight to use during the walk and a pair of UV safety glasses to wear if desired.

Meet Your Instructor

The caterpillar of a Copper Underwing Moth rests on a cloth surface.

Richard Aaron

Richard is a seasoned naturalist who has been studying nature for over three decades. He has conducted walks, talks, and workshops for numerous organizations, including over two dozen adult workshops for the High Park Nature Centre on the topics of fungi, wildflowers, and trees. In 2016, he founded the High Park Moth Study, which has recorded over 1,000 species of moths to date. In 2020, he started the High Park Caterpillar Survey a nocturnal survey that relies on the use of UV flashlights. Over 100 caterpillar species have been found so far.

Wednesday, July 12, 9 – 11 PM

This program is limited to adults ages 18 years and older.


We will be walking for a distance of up to 2 km, including some steep inclines and declines.