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Korean Language Nature Walk

Saturday, August 26, 3 – 4:30 PM

Korean Language Nature Walk Details

Join us for this Korean language nature walk at High Park and connect with nature using all our senses. We’ll listen to the sound of nature, touch and feel the solid black oak tree bark, smell the flowers, and watch the movements of leaves in the wind. We’ll also observe how nature interacts, thrives, and preserves itself so that we can acknowledge, appreciate, and care for them. Nature is beckoning us to come and connect.

하이파크에 오셔서 함께 걸어요!  자연의 소리에  기우려보고단단한 검은상수리 bark 만져보고꽃내음도 맡아보고바람결에 흔들리는 나무잎도 바라보며 창조주의 사랑을 느끼며 행복한 시간을 갖지 않으시겠어요 나무새들,동물들이런 자연물들이 같이 조화롭게 공생하며 보존되는 모습도 같이 살펴보아요그러면 그들을 알아봐 주게 되고고마워하게 되며    사랑해   있을거예요그리고 우리는 행복해 지구요자연이 우리에게 와서 연결하자 손짓하고 있어요.



  • FREE

Saturday, August 26, 3-4:30 PM



This event is funded by The Chawkers Foundation. We are grateful for their generous support of all our multilingual nature hikes in High Park as part of our Branching Out program.

Hike routes might include uneven terrain and mild slopes.