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Guides & Scouts in High Park

Have your Guides & Scouts groups engage with nature in High Park through guided hikes and nature activities designed to develop naturalist, leadership, and stewardship skills.

Guides & Scouts Programs in High Park

Our programs are designed to help encourage team building, stewardship, and environmental exploration and observation. Participants may use the experience to work towards earning badges in a number of ecologically-focused areas. Each program includes an interactive guided hike in High Park. Depending on the Program Theme, participants can also engage in nature activities and build on their outdoor skills.

Connect back to the land and learn about High Park’s ecology through this action-packed program which will explore how storytelling and fire have shaped humanity.

  • Learn new naturalist and survival skills by working together
  • Learn about the history of fire and how it influenced human development and society
  • Work in teams to make tinder bundles out of natural materials
  • Practice using flint and steel to light tinder
  • Share warmth and stories around a fire
  • End the day by roasting a tasty snack over the flames!

In this interactive hike, enhance your senses and get to know a few of High Park’s owl friends! Enjoy a nighttime educational hike and learn what makes owls such amazing creatures!

  • Experience a nighttime hike to learn about owls
  • Witness an owl’s meal by dissecting an owl pellet around a fire
  • Learn about the physical and behavioural adaptations of our owl friends
  • Get to know the preferred habitat, food, habits, and vocalizations of owls (practice hooting like an owl!)
  • Gain a greater respect and understanding for owls in the wild and how we can support them
  • Leave with all the tools you need to go owl-prowling on your own!

Dive into the wonders of High Park’s watersheds as we explore aquatic life and water’s critical role in our ecosystems!  

  • Learn how water moves through and shapes spring landscapes  
  • Reflect on the importance of healthy watersheds and help conduct a water test! 
  • See who lives in our ponds and streams, and how they survive through the seasons 
  • Explore human impact on water systems and how we can protect our most vital resource! 

Bat-street’s back, ALRIGHT! Immerse yourself in nighttime nature with the spring return of the world’s only flying mammal, as they feed and roost around High Park!  

  • Learn about bat migration, roosting, anatomy, and more! 
  • Bust myths about bats and other nighttime creatures 
  • Explore bats’ important role in our ecosystems as pollinators, insect control, and nutrient recyclers 
  • Discuss threats to bats and other urban nocturnal animals 
  • Practice exercising our senses while exploring in the dark! 

Embrace your wild side with this introduction to exploration skills! This program will take us through the step-by-step basics of planning, packing for, and executing hiking trips in and beyond the park. 

  • Practice how to effectively plan and prepare for a safe, fun hike or trip 
  • Explore the importance of food, water, and shelter in nature  
  • Gain confidence in independent outdoor exploration and preparedness 
  • Leave with a toolkit of practical naturalist skills and knowledge! 

Ignite your sense of wonder by experiencing the unique serenity of snowshoeing through High Park by moonlight.

  • Go on a unique and educational snowshoe hike in High Park, guided by the moon!
  • Interactively discover the history of snowshoeing
  • Learn how to properly wear snowshoes and ensure safety
  • Practice snowshoeing with techniques for travelling different terrains
  • Play games on the trail
  • Learn about changes in the park in winter

*This program is dependent on the amount of snow and will not run if the snowfall is too thin. Leaders booking this program are encouraged to choose an alternative program that will run in warmer weather.

In this exploratory hike, expand your tracking knowledge! Enjoy a night-time educational hike.

  • Engage your senses and enhance your awareness to tap into your tracking mindset
  • Discover the traits of different animal tracks
  • Learn about all that tracking can entail (Hint: It involves more than just animal prints!)
  • Collaborate to find clues hidden on a guided hike
  • See the world through an animal’s point of view to sharpen your tracking skills
  • Leave with a new perspective and tools for tracking in the wild!

Bats and mice and moths, oh my! While humans turn in for the night, High Park stays awake and alive. In this fun and energetic program, you can hike, play games, and learn about the nocturnal animals of the park.

  • Adapt to the night by following the example of incredible nocturnal creatures
  • Learn how the bodies and behaviours of nocturnal animals help them thrive in the dark
  • Play games to have fun and learn about nature
  • Communicate and work together with peers in fun challenges
  • Listen and look for real nocturnal animals in the park
  • Gain confidence in exploring new areas at night!

Up to 30 child/youth participants per visit. 

In addition to the HPNC instructors, we require the following supervision ratios from group leaders/volunteers:

  • 4-5-year-olds: 1 adult: 2 children/youth
  • 6-7-year-olds: 1 adult: 6 children/youth
  • 8+-year-olds: 1 adult: 8 children/youth

NOTE: Supervision ratios lower than the ones mentioned above will be charged $10 per additional supervisor.

For the hike portion of the experience, we may separate into two groups.

Program Length

  • 1.5 hours

Weekly availability

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and select Wednesdays
  • 6:30-8PM or 7-8:30PM

Please check our booking form for availability

For special requests of alternate dates and times, please contact us and include 2-3 dates and times that you are available.

Our Guides & Scouts programs begin at the High Park Nature Centre’s Forest School building located at 375 Colborne Lodge Drive.

A number of changes were made to the travel network within High Park as part of the High Park Movement Strategy that might influence your decision to drive to High Park. In case you’re driving we strongly recommend you to park your car at the public parking lot near Grenadier Cafe.

We continue to recommend using the TTC or biking as the best way to get to High Park and the Nature Centre. The Nature Centre is situated just a 5-minute walk from the High Park Subway Station. In case you were biking, there are bike racks available in front of the Nature Centre.

Visit our How To Get Here page to learn more about planning your trips to High Park.

$300 for up to 30 participants (+ group leaders & volunteers)

NOTE: Groups with more than 30 children will be charged $10 per participant above the $300 fee. 1 adult supervisor for a group of 5 participants is complimentary. Any supervision ratios lower than the group ratios mentioned above will be charged $10 per additional supervisor.

Trails are generally moderate in terrain and difficulty. Please contact us to discuss accommodations that can be made in the interests of accessibility.

Please ensure you’ve read and understood our registration policies. This includes:

  • COVID-19 Policies & FAQ
  • General Cancellation Policy
  • COVID-19 Related Cancellation Policy
  • Extreme Weather-Related Cancellation Policy
  • Behaviour Policy
Please ensure you’ve read and understood our registration policies: