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Join our fantastic team of naturalists and dive into interactive online learning experiences!

By registering for an Online Naturalist Course, you are helping us continue to run nature education programs both in-person and online during this difficult time! Thank you for your support!

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All course content can be accessed at your own speed. Courses are pre-recorded. There is currently no expiry date on course content.

Course Descriptions

Tree-mendous Trees

Whether you find yourself walking down a city street, through an urban park, or in a secluded forest, trees are all around you! These massive organisms are incredibly biodiverse, beautifully complex, and crucial to life on our planet. In this course, develop the skills you need to identify a wide variety of North American trees* and explore fascinating details of their life histories.

*This course will focus on the most common trees in Ontario, many of which are also distributed widely in other parts of North America.

Price: $49

Tree-mendous Trees

Fantastic Fungal Friends

Are you interested in learning about the fantastic world of fungi but not sure where to start? In this course you will learn the fungi basics: what they are, what they do for our ecosystems, how they are classified, and how to identify them! Most importantly, you will come away with a new appreciation for fungi and the tools to keep exploring!

Price: $49

Fantastic Fungal Friends

Birds of the City

Why do some species thrive in the city? What threats do they face, and how do they adapt? In this course you will learn about city birds, what makes them so interesting, and practice some basic birding skills by getting to know the species you are most likely to find in the cities and backyards of southern Ontario. You don't have to leave the city to start birding!

Price: $49

Birds of the City

Nature Journaling

Are you passionate about nature and keen to improve your skills of observation? In this course, you will learn what a nature journal is, how the art of questioning can guide your journaling practice, and how you can use a nature journal to build your skills and knowledge as a naturalist. Most importantly, you will be given the tools you need to continue your nature journaling practice beyond the course.

Price: $49

Nature Journaling

How to Make Nature Your Classroom: Fantastic Fall!

In this FREE course, discover a wealth of fall activities students will love, and feel calm and confident taking your teaching outdoors!

Register now!

The teaching need during the pandemic have changed (and changed, and changed!), and taking your students outside is more important than ever! This course will be an introduction to getting your students outside and making nature your classroom! It will cover risk assessment, how to keep kids happy, safe and engaged outside in all weather, as well as nature themed games & activities to add to your teaching toolkit. We've also added other online course experiences which will support learning and greater comfort in teaching outside and making connections to Indigenous Perspective with Natural Curiosity!

Funded by NSERC

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Module 1: An Introduction to Teaching Outdoors

Module 2: Making Indigenous Connections

Module 3: Videos & Tasks - Two Core Routines for Nature-Based Education

Module 4: Videos Modelling Seasonal Connections

Module 5:Tapping Into the Senses

Module 6: Trees & Plants

Module 7: Animals & Tracks

Additional Resources

Community Circles

Community Circles are something that we have offered in the past for this course-a time to come together with others to discuss and debrief concepts, principles and activities in this course. We are not offering Community Circles as part of the course this season. If you or your team are interested in taking part in a PD opportunity regarding how to teach in the outdoors, please contact for more information!

Winter and Spring How to Make Nature Your Classroom courses

It's not too late to take part in our winter and spring courses-in each section you will find videos, children's book suggestions and links to season specific resources! Enroll today!

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