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Word of the Week: Sough
May 09, 2018 by Sammy Tangir

Welcome to Word of the Week! Stay tuned for a new word each Wednesday to amp up your nature vocabulary!

Take a hike through High Park's trails to hear the sough of the wind between the trees!

Sough [sou OR suhf] (verb): The soft rushing, whistling or murmuring sound of the wind blowing through the trees or between buildings.

This week you can enjoy not just the cherry blossoms, but also the wind soughing between the trees if you listen closely!

When you hear and feel very loud soughing make sure to avoid walking in densely tree-covered areas as branches and even entire trees can fall! During last week’s windstorm we definitely heard the sough (and howl) of the wind between trees in the forest and our city streets. Unfortunately, High Park had a number of trees topple over, but the city is working on managing the wreckage.

Sammy Tangir - Sammy is a serious nature nerd and especially enthusiastic about plants! When she is not thinking of next week's nature word, she is working as an outdoor educator and practicing her wood carving skills.

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