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Word of the Week: Supercilium
December 14, 2018 by Haya Aldoori

Welcome to Word of the Week!

Photo by Andrew Yee

Supercilium [ Soo-per-sil-ee-uh m] (noun): A stripe found on the heads of some bird species, which runs from the base of the bird’s beak above its eye, and finishes somewhere towards the back of the bird’s head. 

This eyebrow stripe can vary in width, shape, and colour. Noticing the different characteristics of a supercilium on a bird’s head can be really useful with identification, especially with a tricky group of birds like Sparrows.

 Some of the birds in High Park have this plumage feature on their bodies like the Red-Breasted Nuthatch, which has a white supercilium!

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