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Daring Ducklings
May 22, 2019 by Haya Aldoori

Green, blue, purple, white, male Wood ducks are without a doubt one of North America’s most colorful ducks! The showy feathers might be the reason why you are particularly fond of this duck but hopefully, after reading this, you might come to know a knew reason to appreciate Wood ducks. This reason has nothing to do with colours but rather something unbelievable that the ducklings will do soon after hatching...

Wood duck family photo by Andrew Yee

Wood ducks will build a nest and lay their eggs way up in a tree cavity. Once the eggs hatch, the very young ducklings won’t be raised in their cozy nest, but on the water instead. For this to happen, the young ducklings will take a big leap! One by one, they jump out of their nest, which can be over 60 feet above the ground! Because the ducklings are very light, this big free fall doesn’t harm them. Ready to begin their lives as Wood ducks, they make their way to the water by following their mother’s call.

Wood duck ducklings swimming in High Park

Next time you see a Wood duck, we encourage you to stop and admire their beauty (how could you not?) but also to take a moment and think about the big leap that led to them being here, before you, on this day.

Some Wood duck ducklings are now swimming on the waters of High Park’s Grenadier Pond, meaning their big leap out of the trees has already happened. Be sure to give them a brake if you spot any duck families crossing in and around the park and remember to allow High Park’s ducks to learn how to find natural foods on their own

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