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Nature Book Club: October
November 06, 2019 by Kami Valkova

Welcome to Nature Book Club! Here we will share what our book club is reading each month!

We have so "mush room" in our hearts for these weird and wonderful organisms: fungi!

We had some fun this month reading books all about the fantastic kingdom of fungi! Last year around this time many of our books ended up being about fungi by chance, so we decided to go ahead and just make it our theme.

The format for the list is as follows: Book title. Author

Chanterelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares: The Love, Lore and Mystique of Mushrooms. Greg Marley
Treed: Walking in Canada’s Urban Forests. Ariel Gordon
Mushrooms of Toronto: A Guide to their Remarkable World. Part of the City of Toronto Biodiversity Series
The Way Through the Woods: On Mushrooms and Mourning. Long Litt Woon (translated by Barbara J. Haveland)
Kingdom of Fungi. Jens H. Petersen
Molds, Mushrooms and Other Fungi. Steve Parker
Fantastic Fungi: How Mushrooms can Heal, Shift Consciousness and Save the Planet. Paul Stamets (and contributing authors)
Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms. Eugenia Bone

For more information about Nature Book Club click here!

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