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Surprising Snake Sighting
December 04, 2019 by Haya Aldoori

With the ground covered in snow, its' hard to imagine that almost two weeks ago, it was warm enough for our homeschool club, the Kinglets, to spot an Eastern Garter Snake, slithering around in OURSpace. It is likely that this little snake's hibernation was yet to begin. Part of the excitement behind this Eastern Garter Snake sighting was that it was spotted on the top of the hibernaculum.

Since the year 2015, the High Park Nature Centre has been working hard to grow its Outdoor Urban Restoration Space (OURSpace). This wonderful learning space has so many great features like demonstration gardens with Savannah plants, a bee box, bird feeders, and of course, the snake hibernaculum. Up until now, we hoped that Eastern Garter snakes were using the hibernaculum but never actually had any confirmation. In fact, the only animal we had seen using the snake hibernaculum was a chipmunk, who would curiously poke its head in and out from among the rocks. This sighting, might mean that now, the snakes have finally found this cozy hibernaculum and will have their winter slumber beneath the rocks.

For more on our hibernaculum and Eastern Gartner snakes, drop by OURSpace to learn from our interpretive sign and see the rocky pit for yourself!

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