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Word of the Week: Alight
March 08, 2019 by Haya Aldoori

Welcome to Word of the Week! Stay tuned for a new word each Friday to amp up your nature vocabulary!

Photo by Andrew Yee

Alight [uh-LAHYT] (verb): To come down or settle in a delicate manner, like a bird perching.

The south end of High Park, between the Hillside gardens and Grenadier Pond, can be a bit far for some of our programs but, whenever we do get a chance to make it there, we know that we’re in for a real treat! On our last couple of visits to this neat area, more than one Red-Tailed hawk could be seen alighting on some of the branches in the big oak trees.

Larger hawks are thought to have favourite perches and can be seen perching, unmoved, for long periods of time. Throughout the day, they will take short flights to catch prey but, if their attempts are unsuccessful, they return to their favourite perch and will try again later. On average, larger hawks, like the Red-Tailed hawk, will fail to catch prey 35%-50% of the time. However, the south end of the park is so full of life and is a great place for hawks to have better odds of finding and catching prey.

Keep an eye out for these amazing birds of prey during your next High Park visit!

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