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Upcycled Scrap Paper Beads
May 15, 2020 by Julia Miller-Black

Welcome to Keep Calm & Nature On!

This is where we share different things you can do to maintain your nature connection.

Materials Needed:

Scrap pieces of paper (craft paper, constructions paper, newspaper, etc.)

Glue (wet glue works best)

A thin stick or similar object (thin paint brush, chopstick, toothpick, etc.)



Begin by cutting your paper scraps into long, thin triangles.

Starting at the thickest end of the triangle, tightly wrap the paper around your thin stick or other thin object. In this example, we used the end of a thin paint brush. Make sure that the side you want to show is facing outward.

Apply a small amount of glue to the inside of the paper and continue wrapping. Add more glue as needed.

Slip the bead off of your stick and set aside to dry. You can experiment with differently shaped paper scraps to see what shapes of beads they make.

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