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Sky Watching
December 20, 2020 by Tobias,Pascal,Will&Will

Times are tough. Things we used to go about doing without much thought are now impossible. All of a sudden, everything stopped, the world stopped rotating. Everything from sports games to local cooking classes just seemingly ceased to exist. There are many activities right here in High Park that have been cancelled due to COVID-19. However, despite all this terrible loss of outdoor activities, I am here to tell you today about an activity you can enjoy at any time.

The activity I am telling you about is called Sky Watching. Sky Watching is a fun outdoor activity that you can enjoy no matter what the circumstances are, by day and night, literally. If you are wondering what sky watching is, I will explain. Sky Watching is a relaxing activity in which you lie down in an ideally relaxing setting and observe the sky. It can be done at any time, and it is a good opportunity to spend time with friends and family, get away from inside and the stresses of life at a time like this. It is a truly zen experience, it feels great, it’s fun and it is just a truly great experience overall. I hope you decide to take my word for it and go out soon to enjoy the amazing adventures of Sky Watching.

During the day you can look at the sky and you will normally see clouds. There are 3 main types of clouds, cumulus clouds, stratus clouds and cirrus clouds. Cumulus clouds are the puffy clouds that appear to look like cotton and sometimes we see different shapes in them. These clouds can grow tall,if they are tall clouds they can indicate a thunderstorm but if they don’t then they indicate good weather. Stratus clouds are large flat clouds that blanket the sky. These clouds are indicators of either an overcast day or steady rain. Stratus clouds can remain in the same area for several days. Cirrus clouds look like giant feathers and they are really high up. In fact these clouds are so high up they are made of ice particles. If these clouds are scattered across a blue sky it is an indicator for fair weather. There are many other types of clouds to watch for, Cumulonimbus clouds are the big dark clouds that house thunderstorms, hail, rains and strong winds. These clouds are generally seen on warm summer days. Fog is also a cloud but it's just close to the ground.

Tobias M-K, Pascal S., Will B. and Will T. are members of the High Park Rangers youth volunteer stewardship program.

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