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Fall 2022 Nature Walks

This fall we will be facilitating free nature walks in Hindi, Cantonese, Chinese, Japanese, German and Uyghur languages! Click on the nature walks below to learn more. To register, click the "Register Now" button, choose the "Nature Hikes - FALL" option and register for the nature hikes of your choice!

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Hindi Nature Walk - Sunday, October 23

Theme: Experiencing Nature Mindfully | प्रकृति का ध्यानपूर्वक अनुभव
Day: Sunday, October 23 | रविवार, २३ अक्टूबर
Time: 2-3:30PM | २-३:३० PM

आपने आखिरी बार गिरते हुए गहरे लाल रंग के पत्तों को कब गौर से देखा? या जल्दी में अपने ऑफिस जाते हुए चिड़ियों की चहचहाहट का आनंद कब लिया? प्रकृति हमारी चारों तरफ है; अगर हम आँखें खोलके देखेंगे, हमें अपनी कईं राज़ बताएगी। टोरंटो की हलचल के बीच में प्रकृति को महसूस करने के लिए हाई पार्क सबसे अच्छी जगह है। इस सैर में, हम प्रकृति को ध्यान से अनुभव करेंगे। अपनी सभी इंद्रियों को शामिल करने की कोशिश करेंगे - शरद ऋतु की ताज़ा हवा को सूंघेंगे, पक्षियों की चहचहाहटऔर हमारे पैरों के नीचे पत्तियों की आवाज़ को सुनेंगे, पतझड़ की रंगों का अनुभव करेंगे, और पक्षियों को सर्दियों की तैयारी करते हुए देखेंगे। हम पार्क के विभिन्न निवासियों के बारे में जानेंगे - इसके पौधे, पेड़, कीड़े, पक्षी और स्तनधारी, लेकिन ध्यान समग्र रूप से प्रकृति का अनुभव करने पर होगा। आपके आश्चर्य और जिज्ञासा की भावना ही एकमात्र उपकरण है जिसकी आपको इस सैर के लिए आवश्यकता है! हम सभी उम्र और जीवन के सभी क्षेत्रों के प्रतिभागियों का स्वागत करते हैं।

When was the last time you stopped to admire the deep crimson of the falling maple leaves or paused as you rushed to work to hear the sounds of the crickets? Nature is all around us; if we are observant, it will reveal its many secrets. High Park is one of the best places to experience nature in the city, and in this walk, we will experience nature mindfully. We will try to engage all of our senses - smell the crisp autumn air, listen to bird calls and the crunch of leaves under our feet, experience the fall colors, and watch the birds prepare for winter. We will learn about the various denizens of the park - its plants, trees, insects, birds, and mammals, but the focus will be on experiencing nature as a whole. Your sense of wonder and curiosity are the only equipment you need for this walk! We welcome participants of all ages and from all walks of life.

Cantonese Nature Walk - Saturday, October 29

Theme: Fall Colours | 秋季色彩親子生態遊
Day: Saturday, October 29 | 星期六, 10月29日
Time: 10-11:30AM | 10-11:30上晝


在導賞員帶領下,我們會一起探索High Park 裏的五顏六色:無論是鮮艷的楓葉,或是上千隻會經過多倫多的遷徙雀鳥,你能在考察中學會不同的本地物種,及實地了解生物之間互相依存的關係。

Come join us on a Cantonese family nature walk to experience the change of seasons... and the change of colours! From the falling leaves, to the migrating birds, to the striking colours between aster and golden rod in the black oak savannahs.

While on the walk, you'll also learn a little about the history of the land. And if we slow down to take notice, you may even be surprised by some of the fascinating (and extremely useful!) medicinal qualities of some of the unassuming plants all around us.

All levels of Cantonese welcome.

Chinese Nature Walk - Saturday, October 29

Theme: Fall walks, fall colours and High Park's wetlands | 秋季漫步和秋季的色彩,欣赏High Park 公园的湿地景观
Day: Saturday, October 29 | 星期六, 10 月 29 日
Time: 10:30AM-12PM | 上午10:30-中午12:00

Description coming soon.

*Cancelled* Japanese Nature Walk - Saturday, November 5

The Japanese walk is cancelled for Sat. Nov. 5th.

Theme: Park History, Trees and allotments for Vegetable Gardens | 公園の歴史、菜園用の樹木と区画。
Day: Saturday, November 5 | 土曜日, 11月5日
Time: 1-2:30PM | 午後 1 時~2 時 30 分


  • この森は、カロライナ(州)東海岸の森の北端です。
  • このツアー/ランブルは、単純なラウンド ルートをたどります。
  • すべてのルートはネイチャー ハウスから始まります。
  • 全員に木の円錐形を見てもらい、それぞれの円錐形を 1 つ集めるように指示します。 サバナまでゆっくりと歩きます
  • さくらエリアに行く - お花見について説明する
  • Douglas Fir 米松の木立を表示します
  • 道路を渡って,garden allotmentへ - 菜園について説明
  • ネイチャーハウスに戻る.

High Park is a varied environment, full of different terrains and various species of vegetation. Any ramble would have to consider both the language of the tour and the abilities and needs of the participants, walking difficulties, the weather and the availability of washrooms.

  • This forest is the northern tip of the Carolinian east coast forest.
  • This tour/ramble will follow a simple round route.
  • All routes start at the Nature Centre.
  • Ask everyone to watch for tree cones and try to collect one of each.
  • Walk leisurely to the Savannah – point out that the park used to be the bottom of Lake Ontario
  • Go to the Cherry area – explain about the cherry blossom viewing
  • Show the small Douglas fir grove (cones)
  • Cross over road to allotment area – explain about the vegetable gardens
  • Head back to Nature Centre.
German Nature Walk - Saturday, November 5

Theme: Fall walk to Black Oak Savanna and Wetland | Herbstlicher Spaziergang zu Schwarzeichen Savanne und Feuchtgebiet
Day: Saturday, November 5 | Samstag, 5. November
Time: 10:30AM-12PM | 10:30-12:00

Ein Familienspaziergang in deutscher Sprache zu zwei typischen Landschaften des High Parks. Wir wollen eine Schwarzeichen Savanne erkunden und danach durch ein charakteristisches Feuchtgebiet wandern. Sie erfahren Interessantes über Pflanzen und Tiere. Gleichzeitig versuchen wir in die Natur einzutauchen und sie mit unseren Sinnen wahrzunehmen.

Es sind alle herzlich willkommen - egal welches Level der deutschen Sprache Sie sprechen.

Join us for a family walk in German to explore two typical landscapes of High Park. We will explore the Black Oak Savannah and then walk through a characteristic wetland. You will learn interesting facts about plants and animals. At the same time we try to immerse ourselves in nature and perceive it with our senses.

Everyone is welcome - no matter what level of German you speak.

Uyghur Nature Walk - Saturday, November 12

Theme: Land Stewardship | Йяр билән мәдәният
Day: Saturday, November 12 | Шимбә, 5 Ноябрь
Time: 11:30AM-1PM | 11:30AM-1ПМ

A walk about how the Uyghurs used earthly goods for survival and developing their culture without causing great harm to nature - Йяр бәргән байлиқләрни қолдилинип ұйғұр мәдәниятни өсүрүш йоллири.

Branching Out

Four Saturdays 10 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
September 17, 24, and October 8, 22

For folks interested in creating a meaningful nature experience for their community in the language linked to their culture.

"Branching Out" is a nature interpretation mentorship program for people who speak English and another language. In exchange for 16 hours of skill development, you will design and deliver a nature walk for the public in the language linked to your culture. Imagine the thrill of teaching others the name of a bird or plant in a language you hold close to your heart!

Program Accessibility

We hope the following offerings will make it easier for everyone to participate.

  • TTC fare
  • Snacks
  • You can apply to participate with a friend who speaks the same language and lead your hike together!
Program Activities

The program starts with learning about Land Acknowledgements and learning from Land. For the rest of the program we will learn from and about all three of High Park's ecosystems (Black Oak Savannah, Woodland, Wetland) and their history and inhabitants.

Each session will include best practices for sharing information to create experiences that build and deepen connections people have with the park.

Nature is always our guide so we may switch around what we teach to reflect what is happening in the moment!

Selection Process
  1. Fill out the online application form by Saturday, September 10 at 11:59PM.
  2. The names of all applicants who meet the criteria and can commit to the program will be entered into a draw. If you apply to participate with a friend and one name is drawn both will be given the chance to participate.

A total of 8 participants will be selected.

How is this program free?

This program is funded entirely by The Chawkers Foundation. We are truly grateful for their generous support.

Past seasons of Branching Out had been supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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