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Field Trips - Elementary

Registration for in-person field trips is now full.

Please feel free to put yourself on the waitlist for the date of your preference. If the date becomes free we will contact those on the list.

Registration Policy

Please ensure you’ve read and understood our registration policy before you book a virtual or in-person field trip, which includes:

Read Our Registration Policy

In-person Field Trips

Sign up for our fully outdoor school field trips and have your students thinking, caring, connecting and learning more about nature at High Park!

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Themes for the season

Program Details

In-person field trips begin outside High Park Nature Centre located at 375 Colborne Lodge Drive. Each program will be completely outdoors (except for washrooms).

All programs include a hike, lively discussion and fun activities and games to get students thinking, caring and learning about the natural world all around us that we are part of!

*Please note the Nature Centre is not able to accommodate classes inside for lunch at this time.

Program Themes

Savannah Stewards: Grades K-6

In this explorative program, students will learn about the three ecosystems in High Park: the woodlands, the wetlands and the globally rare Black Oak Savannah. Who are the first stewards of the savannah? What are the ways that savannahs have been managed for thousands of years? How has High Park managed to stay a green island in the middle of the city?

Students will learn about the savannah as a legacy of Indigenous stewardship and will become stewards of the park themselves by getting firsthand experience of the important diversity the savannah protects and by planting seeds or seedlings in the beautiful Black Oak Savannah!

Marvellous Mud: Grades 2-4

It's mud! Marvelous, mucky mud, sometimes known as soil! Students will learn about the importance of soil as it provides nutrients to plants, shelter for animals (including us!) and filters our water. Students will explore soil components through play, making mud, planting seeds or seedlings in the globally rare Black Oak Savannah, and identifying soil making invertebrate animals!

I Live in a Watershed: Grades 5-12

Through historical and current maps, hiking to some of the nine bodies of water in High Park and completing chemical testing of the water in the watershed system students will get an experiential understanding of what a watershed is, how they work, and why keeping watersheds healthy is critical! We will hike to learn about how they work and will test water in High Park for pollutants and other indicators of water quality: 1. Salinity (Sodium Chloride), 2. Nitrate, 3. Phosphate, 4. Oxygen, 5. Turbidity and temperature, 6. Acidity.

How Does Place Hold Time: Grades 7-12

In this workshop students work together to build a two-dimensional timeline that captures the deep history of High Park including Indigenous presence, occupation, and stewardship. A hike will follow where students will come to experience how place holds time as they watch their timeline unfold. In small groups we'll look at published maps of the park to explore the concept of historical perspectives. Specifically, what is the dominant narrative presented by the maps and what historical relationships from the timeline are missing or distorted.


All in-person programs will meet outside the High Park Nature Centre at 375 Colborne Lodge Drive.

Days & Times

Program Length

  • 2 hours

Weekly availability

  • Tuesday, Thursday
    12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
  • Wednesday
    9:30 am - 11:30 am
  • Publicly funded schools: $240/class
  • Privately funded schools: $300/class

Note for TDSB schools: Click here to view this infographic and understand how to pay for your school field trips.

Class Sizes

We can accommodate up to 30 students a class (plus teachers/volunteers). For more than 30 students there will be an additional class fee and we'll need to assess if we have additional staff available to teach. If you indicate more than 30, please note we'll get back to you to confirm if this is possible.

What to Bring



Teachers are expected to take an active role in managing behaviours of their students. Read more about our behaviour policy by visiting our registration policy page.

Active Outdoor Play

The High Park Nature Centre promotes awareness and respect for nature through year-round, hands-on outdoor nature education and park stewardship activities. We strongly believe that an important part of connecting with nature involves responsible, active outdoor play.

At Nature Centre programs, we do engage in activities such as exploring in soil, hiking in the forest and balancing on logs-this often results in getting dirty! Our leaders prioritize safety by establishing clear guidelines with all participants and supervising throughout activities.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about active outdoor play, please talk with us.

Virtual School Programs

Learn all about nature no matter how far you are! Sign up your class for our fun, engaging and interactive virtual field trips and have your students experience nature wherever they might be!

If you're interested in scheduling a virtual field trip for students from grades 7-12, please contact our School Programs Supervisor.

Register Here

Theme for the season

Program Details

Our Virtual Field Trips consist of two parts:

1. A synchronous session:

Where students are led through a 1-hour STEM program by experienced Nature Centre interpreters through slides, pictures, short videos, discussions and games! Students will have lots of opportunities to engage with our Nature Centre interpreters.

2. The STEM learning package for teachers and students for Grades 1-6 includes:

  • Engaging theme-based independent follow-up activities,
  • Scavenger hunts,
  • Fun class games,
  • Activities for home!
Program Theme

Animal Architects - Spring Shelters: Grades K-6

In this program students will explore the world of animal shelters, who uses one (who doesn't!), how they are found or made and what humans can learn from brilliant Animal Architects! This program will get students' minds tuned into and observing what's happening all around them this spring and encourage outdoor play, engineering and building!

  • Publicly funded schools: $100/class
  • Privately funded schools: $150/class

Note for TDSB schools: Click here to view this infographic and understand how to pay for your school field trips.

Days & Times

Program Length

  • 45-60 minutes for Kindergarten classes
  • 60-75 minutes long for Grades 1-6

Weekly availability

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • Wednesday
    10:00 am - 11:00 am
Required Technology for Bricks and Mortar Classes
  • A projector or smartboard
  • A computer (desktop or laptop)
  • An internet connection (strong wifi connection will do!)
  • A webcam is optional, but will result in the best audio/visual
    OR a laptop with a camera and mic
  • You may choose to use speakers for the best audio quality

*Please place webcam/computer at the front of the classroom, but off to the side so that all or the most number of students as possible are visible to our interpreters.*

Check out our field trip programs for secondary school students and our At School in High Park program.

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