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Holidays in High Park
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Celebrate your team's holidays in High Park

Are you looking for a fun, refreshing and eco-friendly holiday event for your team? Come to a winter wonderland in High Park! Private holiday events at the High Park Nature Centre are a chance to connect and enjoy the lovely beauty of winter. Experience nature with a guided hike through High Park’s trails. Spend time chatting around a warm fire and enjoy tasty treats and a warm drink. A holiday in High Park can make memories cherished through the winter!

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What to bring

We will provide

  • A thirty-minute guided hike to see the highlights of High Park’s nature
  • A fire built and maintained by a Nature Centre employee
  • Treats to enjoy by the fire: Apple cider, hot chocolate, apples and roasting sticks to roast apples over the fire
  • Groups are welcome to bring their own snacks or non-alcoholic drinks, as well*

*Note: Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in Toronto parks


Note: Groups between 26 and 50 participants will be twice the base cost of groups under 25 participants to accommodate for extra staffing requirements.

For 1-25 participants

  • $500 for for-profit organizations
  • $300 for non-profit organizations

For 26-50 participants

  • $1000 for for-profit organizations
  • $600 for non-profit organizations
Dates & Times

Wednesdays and Fridays from December 7 - January 20. Organizations may hold their event from 1:00 - 3:00 PM, or 3:00 - 5:00 PM. Only one event will be held per day.

Accessibility of Trails

Trails are generally moderate in terrain and difficulty. Please contact us to discuss accommodations that can be made in the interest of accessibility.


Programs start at the High Park Nature Centre located near the High Park Avenue main gates at 375 Colborne Lodge Drive (also known as the Forest School).

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