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Leafy Scrapbooking

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Hi, we’re the High Park Rangers and today we have some fun scrapbooking activities you can do if you are stuck inside! The first activity is leaf pressing.

Step one: get a blank book or journal.

Step two: go outside and find a leaf that you like.

Step three: put the leaf in between two pages of the journal and press down hard. Leave this for about a week.

Step four: glue your leaf to a page in the book and marvel at your work!

The next activity is leaf shading. For this activity, you’re going to want to follow the previous steps until step three.

Step one: take the leaf and put it between two pages of the journal.

Step two: choose a coloured crayon that you like and go to the back of one of the pages.

Step three: rub the crayon over one of the pages the leaf is between and marvel at your work. Another thing you can do is mark the date, time, and place you found the leaf you pressed or shaded.

The final activity is decorating a book cover. This activity is up to your tastes as the cover of your book can be decorated in a variety of ways. We decided to take some leaves and glue them to the cover of our book but you can decorate it with almost anything! For example: flower petals, grass, pebbles, pine needles.

This has been the High Park Rangers and we thank you for reading!

Devin L., Erik K. and Luca P. are members of the High Park Rangers youth volunteer stewardship program