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Nature Book Club: February

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Welcome to Nature Book Club! Here we will share what our book club is reading each month!

For the month of February our Nature Book Club explored urban wildlife! Some animals can live in Toronto but require a “green island”, such as painted turtles, red-backed salamanders, and even flying squirrels! Others have adapted well to life in the city, such as pigeons, skunks, raccoons, and peregrine falcons. The diversity of animals in the city was a pleasant surprise, but the topic also gave us a deeper appreciation for the animals we see every day.

The format for the list is as follows: Book title. Author

Coyote at the Kitchen Door: Living with wildlife in suburbia. Stefan DeStefano
The Urban Bestiary. Lyanda Lynn Haupt
Gardening for Butterflies. Thelma Beaubien
Darwin Comes to Town: How the urban jungle drives evolution. Menno Schilthuizen
Toronto the Wild: Field notes of an urban naturalist. Wayne Grady
Field Guide to Urban Wildlife: Common animals of cities and suburbs. How they adapt and thrive. Julie Feinstein
Wild City: A guide to nature in urban Ontario, from termites to coyotes. Tim Tiner and Doug Bennet
The Secret Lives of Bats: My adventures with the world’s most misunderstood mammals. Merlin Tuttle