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Nature Ice Lanterns

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Welcome to Keep Calm & Nature On!

This is where we share different things you can do to maintain your nature connection.

Materials Needed:


Objects from nature (small pebbles, pinecones, flowers, leaves, etc.)

Two containers (one smaller than the other)


Optional: small weights (rocks, pebbles, etc.)


Go outside and gather nature objects you find on the ground. Some suggestions: small pebbles, small pinecones, flowers, fallen leaves, maple keys, etc. Make sure to pick things that are no longer alive and growing (e.g. a pinecone or leaf that’s already fallen from a tree).

Once your nature objects are collected assemble your ice lantern mold. Place the smaller container inside of the larger container to make sure it will fit with plenty of space around the edges. Use tape to secure the small container inside of the larger one, making sure that the lips of both containers are about parallel. Place your nature items into the larger

Begin filling the larger container with water, placing small weights inside of the smaller container if it floats upwards too much.

Add enough water to fill the mold. Place the entire mold in a flat place in your freezer, ideally overnight.

Once the mold is completely frozen you can take it out of the freezer. Let it sit on the counter for a few minutes or quickly run the outside of the larger container and the inside of the smaller container under warm water to unstick the frozen lantern from the mold. Undo tape and slip your lantern out of the mold.

Once your lantern is free from the mold you can place it on a lipped tray (it will start melting!) or bring it outside and enjoy the beautiful light it gives off with an artificial or real candle inside.