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Online Naturalist Courses

Learn with the High Park Nature Centre anywhere!

Discover the biodiversity and complexity of three in your neighbourhood. In Tree-mendous Trees, we’ll learn to identify different species in southern Ontario and explore their intriguing life cycles.

From tails to talons, we cover it all in our Birds in the City course. Learn about their adaptations, threats, and behaviours, and practice identifying common species found in southern Ontario’s urban environments without leaving the city.

Improve your observation skills, delve into your own inquisitiveness, and build your naturalist skills through nature journaling. In Nature Journaling for Naturalists, you’ll learn tips and tools to start your practice.
In this course, you’ll learn the fungi basics including, what they are, what they do for our ecosystems, how they are classified, and how to identify them! Most importantly, you will come away with a new appreciation for fungi and the tools to keep exploring!

Get your green thumbs ready! In Growing Wild with Native Plants, learn how to plant and care for native plants while also discovering their important role in supporting local biodiversity.

Unbeelievable! Buzz on over to our virtual course on bees and pollinators! You’ll learn the ins and outs of their lifecycle, how they play a crucial role in ecosystems, and how to create a pollinator paradise for these hardworking honeys.

Hang out with the coolest creatures of the night! With The Wonderful World of Bats, get the inside scoop on these flying mammals. Learn all about their intriguing lifecycles, their vital ecological role, and the challenges they face.

Unearth the fascinating world of soils and geology as we dig into the rock cycle, soil formation, and the factors that impact soil health.

Join our fantastic team of naturalists and dive into interactive online learning experiences!

  • Be astounded by the incredible nature you can find in your neighbourhood

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Support your well-being and spark your creativity

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Our online naturalist courses have been made possible thanks to funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Resilient Communities Fund.

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