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Online Resources

Online educational materials designed in partnership with the High Park Nature Centre for young children.

The Birds Rock!

The Birds Rock Activity Book is a new, free resource designed to foster connections between school-aged children and birds in our community! The resource features interactive games, imaginative activities, and memorable stories that celebrate the many things birds do for us while also spotlighting ways we can give back.

Included with the activity book, is free access to the Birds Rock musical album by artist and educator Pete Moss. The Birds Rock album features 15 original songs, each of which is themed about a different bird that can be found across Eastern North America.

The Birds Rock Activity Book also:

About the Author

Pete Moss

Pete Moss is a Toronto musician, artist, and educator who has been connecting children with nature for a decade. His sophomore album Birds Rock is a tribute to the magic of birds in your neighbourhood. With a playful folk-pop style and creative storytelling, these songs inspire care and curiosity towards the natural world.

The Birds Rock Activity Book was created by Pete Moss in collaboration with High Park Nature Centre with generous funding provided by the Toronto Ornithological Society.

Interested in sharing your work with us? We’d love to see pictures! Feel free to e-mail us or tag us on Instagram @highparknaturecentre, and @birdingtoronto.

Educational Episodes

Red-winged Blackbird and Friends is a fun, and interactive three-part web series filled with the lively songs and nature facts children know and love from the High Park Nature Centre!