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Staff Spotlight: Tina Soldovieri

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Welcome to Staff Spotlight! Here we highlight the diverse stories of our valuable staff!

People at the Nature Centre know me by my nature name ‘Wild Turkey Tina,’ which fits me well and rarely fails to make people smile! However, I also admire these large curious birds that at one point almost became extinct due to overhunting and deforestation. Luckily these fast running (and flying) birds were reintroduced in Ontario in the 1980s and this way became a true conservation success story.

I am a Nature Interpreter at the High Park Nature Centre and run nature clubs for different ages from Waddlers to adults (including the Book Club or our gardening program Weedy Wednesdays) and also enjoy being a staff for a wide range of events. I love the Nature Centre’s mission – — to connect people with nature in High Park — and feel excited to help carry out this mission together with my lovely colleagues by exploring the park, talking about interesting nature facts and what’s happening in High Park, singing nature songs or playing games. One of the best parts is that I learn something new every week! I also enjoy doing little side jobs such as feeding our pets, sorting gear and program materials or splitting fire wood. I love that we have a multitude of ecosystems in High Park in the middle of the big City, especially the rare Black Oak Savannah, and I feel honoured to learn and speak about the amazing role First Nations have played in keeping the savannah healthy and alive for thousands of years.

Before I joined the Nature Centre, I completed a Master in Environmental Education and did one of my internships at the Nature Centre. I also did internships at Green Thumbs Growing Kids and at the TDSB’s sustainability office, where I developed a tree watering program for teachers and their students.

I am a mom of three and love gardening, cooking, camping and hiking with my family. I am also a founding member of Roncy Reduces, a grassroots neighbourhood initiative that aims to reduce single-use plastics by inspiring consumers and businesses to make the switch to reusable bags and containers.

Fun fact: Before becoming a mom and an environmental educator (which I credit to my kids), I worked at an art museum. But as long as I can remember, I always loved animals and am grateful to have found my way to the High Park Nature Centre.

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