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Student Singer

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There’s nothing quite like the sound of bird song to make you feel fully present and welcome in a natural space. For a bird, singing is something that can be energy intensive and can alert predators. This gets us to thinking, why do they do it? To defend and impress!

Song Sparrows are particularly good at this and can sing a HUGE variety of songs.

It might surprise you to learn that for Song Sparrows, the ability to sing a wide variety of songs is not necessarily a skill that comes innately. In fact, it is a difficult skill that is learned over time!

Young male Song Sparrows learn many of their songs from an adult tutor! Sometimes these tutors are their fathers, but more typically their tutors are other males that live in the neighbouring areas. These young feathered students will spend almost a year learning and practicing but by the end of this intense learning process, they will sing the songs that they learned for the rest of their lives; a true life-long skill!

On your next visit to High Park, tune into your senses and try to spot a Song Sparrow or listen for their songs!

To hear audio recordings of some of their songs and calls, click here!