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Upcycled Flower Mobile

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Welcome to Keep Calm & Nature On!

This is where we share different things you can do to maintain your nature connection.

Materials Needed:

Egg cartons and/or empty plastic water or pop bottles


Decorating materials (paint, markers, coloured pencils, etc.)

Yarn, think string, or twine


Optional: beads


Prepare your upcycled flowers! Cut out each individual section of the egg carton. If using plastic bottles, carefully cut the bottoms off of the bottles.

Once separated, use scissors to shape each egg carton section into a flower. You can experiment with differently shaped petals and flowers. You do not have to shape the plastic bottle bottoms, they will already resemble beautiful cherry blossoms! Of course you can use scissors to turn the plastic bottle bottoms into different shapes if desired.

Use scissors to carefully poke a hole through the middle of each flower. Make sure the hole is just big enough for your string to go through. Using whatever decorating materials you have on hand get creative and decorate your flowers! If using paint or glue, allow flowers to dry before stringing.

Cut several lengths of yarn. Begin by tying a knot at the bottom of each piece to stop flowers from slipping off. Make sure to tie another knot in the yarn before putting the next flower on the string. Optional: you may choose to string beads between the flowers for

Next, tie your flower strands to the stick, making sure to separate them so they don’t tangle as easily. Cut another piece of string and attach it to the middle of the stick, you will use this to hang up your mobile. Make sure it’s long enough to reach where you want to hang it.