Wish List

There are a few things we could use to make the Nature Centre more accessible to more people. Maybe you have some of these items sitting around your home. Give them new life!

Digital cameras & memory cards:
We often practice nature photography with the youth in our nature clubs. If a child doesn’t have a camera, we lend one of ours. 

Large shovels for planting trees:
Useful for nature-helping tree-huggers of all ages. 

Binoculars and butterfly nets:
For bird watching and insect catching with students, Nature Club participants, birthday parties, and adults in our workshops.

Nature field guides: 
We refer to the field guides constantly to identify the many creatures we find in High Park. Donated field guides must be appropriate for our geographic area (ie. Eastern North American, Canadian, Ontarian or even Toronto)

Winter outerwear:
To be leant to students who need it when the winter winds blow coldest. Coats, snowpants, boots, mittens. 

Raincoats and boots:
Keep a kid dry if they forgot their rain gear at home. We take raincoats, rain boots and ponchos. We don’t use umbrellas. 

Lard / shortening:
We use tons of lard and shortening to make pine cone bird feeders in the late fall and winter. 

Useful for nature crafts!

If you are able to donate any of the items, please give us a call at 416-392-1748 or email us at naturecentre@highpark.org to arrange a time for drop-off.