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Wonderful Wanders: Jessie’s Perfect Day

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Welcome to Wonderful Wanders! This is a new feature on our blog which can help you craft your own perfect day in High Park. Our Community Programs Coordinator, Jessie, decided to share with us what a perfect day in High Park would look like to her.

Download your High Park Map online at:

Activity #1

DIY Birdwatching by Grenadier Pond

Pack a picnic and head to High Park’s Grenadier Pond to get your owl eyes ready for later! What are the winter birds are up to today?

Activity #2

Animal tracking & the adventure playground

Look for animal tracks as you walk to the adventure playground. Footprints, fur, food evidence, shelters and poop are all animal tracks! Ask “what happened here?” and don’t be afraid to embrace the mystery!

Activity #3

Family Nature walk at the High Park Nature Centre

“Winter Birding: on Saturday, February 1, 1:30PM-3PM
Join us for a winter wander to learn about how our super tough winter bird residents get through the season!

Suggested donation $2-5 per person.
Meet outside the Nature Centre

Activity #4

Visit the Black Oak Savannah

High Park is home to pockets of Black Oak Savannah (BOS), an endangered ecosystem with significant ecological offerings for animals, insects, plants, fungi and humans. First Nations groups have historically worked in co-creation with the BOS, maintaining it with carefully timed controlled burns. Whether we are learning about BOS or working to manage and protect it, we must value the ecological knowledge of First Nations groups which can inform decision making, and expand non-indigenous understandings and ways of knowing.

Learn more about “The Indigenous Environmental History of Toronto” in Jon Johnson’s article:
Learn about Ways of Knowing and Earth’s Teachings here:

Do you have a wonderful wander in High Park you’d like to share? Write to with the location and description of the activity.

Share photos and stories about your wonderful wander on social media by using the hashtag: #HPNCwonderfulwander


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