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Word of the Week: Oölogy

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Welcome to Word of the Week! Stay tuned for a new word each week to amp up your nature vocabulary!

The word of the week is oölogy [OO-AW-LUH-JEE] (noun): the study of birds’ eggs, nests and breeding behaviour.

This branch of ornithology largely deals with the study the shape and coloration of birds’ eggs. It also refers to the now largely illegal hobby of collecting wild birds’ eggs. In Ontario, most birds, eggs and nests are protected under the law.

In case you do find a wild egg on the floor of the trails in High Park or elsewhere, we recommend you leave it alone and avoid the area as it could be near a nesting site of ground-dwelling bird or reptile. If an egg has fallen, chances are it might no longer be viable. Nevertheless, when concerned, please call 311 and avoid dealing with it on your own. Read more about what to do when you find an egg by visiting the Toronto Wildlife Centre’s website.

With Easter soon approaching, you can use this term to describe your own Easter egg hunts and have fun on your oological adventures.

Interested in learning more about the nesting habits of raptors? Sign up for our Seize the prey – Let’s go raptors event and learn about raptors and the challenges they face while nesting! You can also learn more about birds in Toronto by signing up for our birds in the city online naturalist course!