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Nature Book Club: January

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Welcome to Nature Book Club! Here we will share what our book club is reading each month!

This month we focused on books about ecotones. Ecotones are transition zones between biomes at the larger scale, or ecosystems at the smaller scale. Some examples we learned about were salt marshes and other wetlands, beaches, and the boreal forest.

The format for the list is as follows: Book title. Author

The Wind Birds. Peter Mathiessen
Stirring the Mud: On swamps, bogs and human imagination. Barbara Hurd
Salt Marsh Diary: a year on the Connecticut coast. Mark Seth Lende
Salt Marshes: A natural and unnatural history. Judith S. Weis
Underland: A deep time journey. Robert MacFarlane
Going Solo. Roald Dahl
A Place Between the Tides: A naturalist’s reflections on the salt marsh. Harry Thurston
Liquid Land: A journey through the Florida Everglades. Ted Leven
Canada’s Boreal Forest. J. David Henry
Cool Woods: A trip around the world’s boreal forests. Jane Drake
The World’s Beaches: A global guide to the science of the shoreline. Orrin H. Pilkey
Adapting Cities to Sea Level Rise: Green and gray strategies. Stefan Al

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